M880 MoDIN

DIN rail transmitter


Telemetry and much more!


The MODIN transmitter is designed for DIN rail mounting and provides its users with practical terminal blocks for digital, analog and serial inputs. Typical fields of application are: telemetry (for the transmission of data coming from sensors, limit switches, PLCs and CAN-BUS, RS232 and RS485 ports), movements control (commands coming from joystick, push buttons, selectors and potentiometers); transmission of an emergency STOP (coming from an E-STOP button).

MODIN has the following types of inputs: basic commands (Start, E-Stop, frequency change), 24 digital inputs, 8 analog inputs, CAN-BUS, RS232 or RS485 ports).

Not to be forgotten, the ease of installation of this unit inside control cabinets granted by the practical DIN rail mounting.


180 x 120 x 73 mm 

910 g

Zoom images


Adaptive Frequency Agility (AFA)

The radio remote control automaticaly tune itself on the cleanest radio channel. No more manual frequency changes will be required.


Status Led: a great little help!

The transmitter MODIN is equipped with LEDs providing information about the working status and error diagnosis.


Extractable terminal blocks with marker strips: order and simplicity

A control box always kept in order, ease of access for maintenance purpose, quick installation: those are the main advantages deriving from extractable terminal block with marker strips you can find on IMET MODIN transmitter.

External antenna: optimal radio communication 

IMET MODIN transmitting unit is ready for external antenna that can be easily mounted in the most suitable position for guaranteeing a reliable radio link.


Extractable fuses: built-in functionality

In order to simplify installation and maintenance procedures, IMET has equipped its electronic cards with extractable fuses for an easy replacement.

Comunication port: ready to listen

The MODIN transmitting unit supports the CAN/CANOPEN, RS485 and RS232 communication protocols that allow the data acquisition from sensors or external electronic devices.



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