M880 ARES2 C

Waist belt transmitter


ARES2 C waist belt transmitter boast an extremely compact and ergonomic design. They may be customised and can be equipped with buttons, toggle switches, rotary switches and potentiometers, according to the customer’s requests. ARES2 C ensures maximum operating safety, thanks to its excellent handle, to the sensible orientation of the commands and to a clear and intuitive graphic design. Moreover, the unit is provided with a robust belt clip. This transmitter is compatible with all IMET receivers, both with on/off and proportional outputs. The coding of the radio signals and the numerous transmission channels available rule out the possibility of interference with other devices. ARES2 C is realised with extremely resistant shockproof materials and is resistant to water splashes, thanks to its protection class IP65.



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Adaptive Frequency Agility (AFA)

As it is based on "AFA" technology, (Adaptive Frequency Agility), it avoids manual frequencies changes. The device continuously searches and selects the less-impeded channel among the available ones.

Event log

IMET radio remote controls memorise all events that lead to failures or unexpected stops, as well as the operating hours of the device.


PIN CODE: always in safe hands

The new IMET range of radio remote controls allows you to set a customisable safety PIN code, so that the device can only be used by authorised personnel. This is yet another proof that IMET designs and develops its products with extreme attention to details.

Status LEDs: a little big help

All transmitting units of IMET radio remote controls are equipped with LED lights that signal operating status, battery level and fault messages.


Selection and motion controls: maximum comfort at work

IMET presents a wide range of selectors, buttons, switches and potentiometers that can meet every possible demand in terms of customisation. These components are extremely handy and suitable for long work shifts, even for operators wearing gloves.

Control panel: we turn your ideas into reality

Using the advance technology of digital print, IMET is now able to customise markings according to your needs. For more complex configurations, multi-colour solutions allow the operator to identify quickly the various control units, thereby preventing errors or inadvertent activations.


Ergonomic waist belt unit

The convenient belt attachment allows the operator to have his hands completely free, and hence manage easily the loading and unloading operations on the crane.


Ergonomics: functionality goes hand in hand with design

We pay utmost attention to details in order to provide ergonomic and functional products. This leads to small-size, lightweight transmitting units that ensure greater freedom of movement and are comfortable and secure to handle, even in case of long working sessions.


Materials: no environment is too harsh

The housings of IMET radio remote controls are made of synthetic compounds that are compliant with the RoHS standard and able to ensure maximum performance in terms of robustness, mechanical and thermal stability (with operating temperatures from -25°C to +55°C), as well as resistance to exposure to aggressive chemicals. Moreover, these materials are free from hazardous substances and fully recyclable, and hence environmentally friendly.

New removable and rechargeable NiMH batteries:

more energy, less pollution 

Up to 25 hours of continuous operation!
Compared with the previous batteries, the new NiMH generation ensures more autonomy and a negligible memory effect. The transmitter is equipped with an easily accessible battery slot that enables its fast replacement while ensuring a perfect sealing against liquids. Gold-plated contacts guarantee a long-term, stable electrical connection.


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