Waist belt transmitter


The ARES C is an extremely compact transmitter designed for applications requiring a limited amount of digital and analogue functions operated by toggle switches, pushbuttons, rotary switches and potentiometers such as forestry winches, pumps and many other machinery. ARES C puts great attention to the easiness of use, including the situations in which the operator wears gloves, thanks to the well dimensioned command actuators and their rational spacing. For the carrying, the housing is equipped with a robust belt-clip. ARES C features a STOP command in category PLc/CAT2 (ISO 13849:1), SIL1 (IEC 62061) and it can be combined with any of IMET receivers, for delivering on/off, proportional or CAN outputs according to the machine specifications. ARES housing have been designed to operate in the most demanding sectors as indicates the IP65 protection degree.

143 x 80 x 140 mm

667 g

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START button: …let’s begin!

Standard command on IMET transmitters for turning the radio system into working mode. 
Horn command is activated simultaneously to signal the machine is ready to operate. 
We give you the certainty to begin in the best way.

Extractable rechargeable NiMH Batteries: an energy tank respecting the environment

Compared with the previous NiCd batteries, the new NiMH generation grants a larger autonomy together with a negligible “memory effect”. 
The transmitter is equipped with an easily accessible battery slot that enables its fast replacement maintaining at the same time a perfect sealing against liquids and dust.
Gold plated contacts guarantee a long a stable electrical connection over the years.


Materials: synthesis of strength , lightweight 
and environmental care

In a near future, the environmental care will be fundamental and in this sense IMET already design and manufacture its products complying with the directive RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances). The materials we use also reach the goals of robustness, mechanical and thermal stability and resistance to chemically aggressive environments.

Status Led: a little great help

All IMET transmitters are equipped with a led providing information about the working status, the battery level and coded messages.



Ergonomics: functionality goes hand in hand with design

Particular care is put in ergonomics in order to match shapes and dimensions to functionality. All this bring to a compact transmitter with a comfortable grip that facilitate extended use. 

Motion buttons: under your commands...

All motion commands feature double step push buttons with large print for a comfortable use also wearing gloves and for long work shift. The tags are easily interchangeable and can be chosen among a vast range of standard symbols.


Control panel graphics: printed according to your needs

Thanks to modern digital printing, IMET is able to customize the graphics of your transmitter texts and symbols in function to your needs. For example, complex lay outs can be organized with colour coding of groups of functions improving the ease of use and reducing involuntary activations.




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