ZEUS2 NJ may be integrated with the ADD BOX option. This option will increase the number of commands on the transmitting units, allowing for the installation of further buttons, potentiometers, switches etc. according to specific requests. It is also suitable for hosting a screen or LED lights, in order to display data and/or alarms coming from the machine/system on which the radio remote controller is installed.



The transmitting units of the ZEUS2 and THOR2 ranges may be equipped with a socket for serial connection to the receiving unit. With direct cable connection, radio transmission is by-passed. This helps avoid potential problems due to signal disturbances, dead battery or situations in which the product is used in areas where radiofrequencies are not permitted.



Multi-receiver and / or Multi-transmitter configuration 

IMET makes available to its users, special radio remote control configurations that allow, by a simple selection command, to macht one receiver with more than one transmitter or alternatively, several transmitters to one or more receivers. This is particulary useful when operating industrial cranes.
a) The available configuration are Tandem, Take/Release and Master/Slave, aimed at satisfying the most demanding operational requirements.
b) Selectable receivers: allow to select from a single transmitter up to 8 receivers or 8 combinations of more receivers. 



This device can recognize unnantural inclination angles of the transmitting unit occuring in typical emergency situations:

- fall and trip over of the radio remote control

- loss of balance by the operator

The functioning of the Tilt Sensor ca be customized according to customer requirements and to the level of safety required: from the simple activation of predefined functions (i.e. horn signal), upto the suspension of all functions of the radio remote control.



KAPTA option allows to pair in few seconds a replacement of the units. For this purpose the transmitting units include a wireless reader and the receiving units come with a smart card. 

Executing a proper procedure the units can be paired permanently and with exclusive control.



This option is available on all waist-belt type of transmitters and grants a perfect readability of the transmitter panel in gloom or low-light situations.


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