MODIN can be equipped with feedback relays to report the machine status on lights and buzzers directly mounted on the cabinet enclosure.




Being in large numbers is no longer a problem

IMET provides its users with special configurations that allow, by merely using a selection command, alternative matching of a receiver plus a transmitter unit or from transmitters to one or more receiver. 
a)    These are the available configurations to satisfy even the most complex operational needs in crane industry: Tandem, Acquire/Release, Master/Slave. 
b)    Selectable receivers: allows selection from a single transmitter to up to 8 receivers or 8 combinations of more receivers.


MODIN UNIT in ATEX enclosure


Group II unit. Unit destined to be used in environments were the risk of an explosive atmosphere is high;
High level of protection: category 2. Unit designed to be used in environments were the risk of an explosive atmosphere caused by gas, vapours, fogs or a mixture of air and dust, is high.
Potentially explosive gas and dust protection system. The unit remains charged and operational in zones 1, 2 (G) and 21, 22 (D);
Explosion-proof casing.
Temperature class 85°C. 
Completely protected against dust and strong water jets (IP66); Predisposed drawer with a 1” IOS7/1RC press cable and ¾” IOS7/1RC barrier for live cables with these specifications: ATEX Ex ll2GD Exd llC IP 66; Range, obstacle free 70m.



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