A world record in the heart of Switzerland

Akapp-Stemmann BV-Schleifleitung and IMET Radio Remote Controls, supported by Mibag AG for the steepest two-cabin cableway in the world.

In the heart of Switerland, a world record was broken:

In Schwyz to Stoos (skiing area in Switzerland) a new two-cabin cableway laying on a maxiumu slope of 110% is under construction. The opening will be on December 17th 2017.

For this project, IMET manufactured a G4S radio remote control with two "Big Joysticks".

These large joysticks can easily be handled with the use of gloves under extreme working conditions.

The IMET G4S radio remote control features 2 ergonomic joysticks that include rocker buttons for te "present-man" function.

A steel handle protects the control elements against unintentional commands caused by external mechanical effects.

Other commands were integrated, such as chain hoist selection, cross travel by rotary selector or hoist block.

With status LEDs located in the middle of the transmitter, the operator will always be informed about the radio link and battery life.



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