Quality policy

IMET s.r.l. specializes in the development, manufacture, sales and service of safety radio remote controls for industrial applications. IMET is able to design and make electronic devices with a wide range of customer-specific customization possibilities.

The devices are built in accordance with current legislation and are provided with nationally and internationally-recognized certifications.

IMET s.r.l. ensures furthermore to carry out, either directly or through its own service centers, an adequate after-sales service for its products.

IMET s.r.l. has defined the following strategies for the next period, aiming at satisying the requirements and wishes of the main parties involved:

  • Manufacturing of a reliable product that is able to respond to those functionalities required by the market 
  • Advanced product customization that is able to respond to specific needs


The quality objectives for the next period are:

A. Innovating the product

B. Developing the market

C. Improving the product quality

D. Increasing the process efficiency by reducing the delivery times


Implicity, these quality golas involve a commitment for continuous improvement, both, in the way of satisfying customer needs and those of other parties involved, and of defining the product and service specifications. All this, in order to be able to constantly monitor and to preserve the quality levels in line with the main needs of the market and evaluate its evolution.



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