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IMET was founded in 1988 and is one of the pioneering companies in the development and manufacture of radio remote controls. The first products were initially designed for construction operations and concrete processing. Within the next few ye and as a consequence of the increasing importance of productivity and safety in the industrial and construction fields, the demand of radio remote control systems increased massively and IMET, thanks to the dynamism and high level of technical competence of its staff, along with its constant bent towards a technological innovation process, has gained a prominent position on all national and international markets.

IMET is first and foremost a team. It is a combination of a number of individuals who pool their talents to succeed by creating innovative products. Each day presents them with new opportunities to improve in terms of quality and design skills. ‚Äč


IMET radio remote controls have always been famous for their extreme reliability and for the high quality of their materials, which are the outcome of a constant commitment to research and experimentation. All IMET devices are designed and assembled in-house and undergo a number of intermediate and final tests to ensure their maximum reliability. It is precisely because of this clear commitment to exploit its resources rationally and effectively that the company obtained the UNI EN ISO9001 Quality Management certification in 1998.

IMET radio remote controls are employed where it is indispensable to operate a handling machine “remotely” and without cable. They are highly reliable and particularly valuable in terms o safety, productivity and freedom of movement.

IMET designs and develops solutions that meet the demands of various industries. These solutions reflect business processes and are reliable and economically advantageous.

Today, the company boasts a wide and diverse range of products, which can fulfil the entire spectrum of needs of every industry. The company’s product portfolio also includes standard equipment, designed for the most common applications, such as construction or hydraulic cranes, concrete mixers, concrete pumps, travelling cranes and hydraulic pumps.

IMET proposes customised solutions for customer needs, thus covering every possible configuration in terms of controls.


IMET’s sales and assistance network covers over 40 countries. We always strive to ensure total customer satisfaction, which prompts us to establish a constructive and collaborative relationship.

After the first shake of hands, we escort you step by step during the product development process, in order to mix your experience with ours and develop a solution that makes your product unique - a combination of talents.


IMET radio remote controls improve safety, productivity and efficiency, together with comfort and simplicity in the daily use of your application. By opting for one of the many models in IMET's range you will be able to create a tailor-made system for use in every sector: construction, industrial hoisting equipment, hydraulic cranes, concrete pumping, eco-drainage, drilling and industrial automation.

Our radio remote controls will fully meet your customisation demands and will allow you to unleash the full potential of your machine, while ensuring the maximum level of safety. This will change the way you operate your equipment - you will work in a safer, more comfortable and more resource-effective way.

Discover the IMET world of radio remote controls!

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