IMET is first and foremost a team. It is a combination of a number of individuals who pool their talents to succeed by creating innovative products. Each day presents them with new opportunities to improve in terms of quality and design skills. IMET's radio control devices are designed to operate equipment remotely using radio waves as a means of transmission. In addition to their extreme reliability, their major distinguishing features are safety, productivity and freedom of movement. They are used in situations where it is essential that the operator, either for safety reasons or ease of use, is not restricted by a control console; or to control lifting machines, concrete mixers and pumps, industrial cranes, etc. IMET designs and develops customised solutions for various sectors. These solutions are fully in line with business processes, as well as being reliable and economically competitive. 


Safety is paramount and inherent in the description of this type of radio control. A safety radio control can be designated as such only if any potential breakdown does not cause a dangerous situation. This being the case, the components used in the radio control must be able to withstand prolonged professional use, even in tough working environments. Safety industrial radio controls are used in situations where a handling machine has to be guided "remotely", without the aid of cables. An IMET radio control increases the safety, productivity and efficiency of your application, guaranteeing greater convenience and simplicity for routine movements. IMET radio controls undoubtedly provide the best solution to your individual requirements, allowing you to work in complete safety with no more operating restrictions. They open up a new way of smoother operating that concentrates to a greater degree on maximising human resources to reduce industrial accident risks.


Our huge selection of models allows you to choose freely from a wide range of products that offer multiple solutions guaranteed to satisfy the most diverse needs in any work environment. By opting for one of the many models in IMET's range you will be able to create a tailor-made system for use in the building sector or in conjunction with industrial hoisting apparatus, hydraulic cranes, concrete pumping, eco-drainage, drilling and industrial automation. In addition to standard equipment designed for the most common fields of application, IMET can create customised solutions at client request that are able to meet numerous control needs. IMET's sales and assistance network has a presence in more than 20 countries. It is worth emphasising that IMET has always kept the design and production processes of each individual component in-house.

Product Range

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